Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The S Before Ex - Mira Lyn Kelly

She hadn't seen her husband in years and now here Ryan was in Italy to bring his wife, Claire home because she had served him divorce papers.  Their initial meeting was tense and the sensual tension and memories very apparent.  The S Before Ex by the talented Mira Lyn Kelly was such a sweet and romantic read.  However, there was also emotion and pain, especially remembering their shared past and marriage.

I immediately fell in love with Ryan Brady.  What man would travel the world to bring his estranged wife home in order to make sure she received an equal part of his estate, I ask you?  All because she wanted a divorce.  On top of that he was smart, sexy, handsome and very, very rich.  Did he have an agenda?  In a way I think he did especially after he secretly watched his wife and found her so happy talking with friends, so animated and secure in the person she had become..  He knew she ran a successful gallery in New York.  After they lost their son, she went back to school and then told Ryan she was not coming back.  He had let her go, because he didn't know how to help her out of the dark place she was in and in the end, it was the easy way out for him as well.  So many things had changed for both of them since their separation.

What can I say about Claire Brady?  She was beautiful inside and out, smart, a successful business woman in her own right,  and she had held secrets and thoughts about her past and her marriage to Ryan Brady.  Plus the fact that seeing him in the tabloids since she had left him hurt.  For Claire, seeing a particular actress on his arm thorough out recent years.  Now she was face to face with him, she was still attracted to him and he wanted her to come to his home in California to sort out the divorce settlement as he wanted her to be secure for the rest of her life, after they divorced.

Sparks arched between them, so much so that in the end they ended up making love.  Could they do this without getting hurt?  I couldn't imagine it, but they did and agreed that after the settlement was sorted, they would both walk away.  It was sweet and just plain lovely to read.  However, in the end I just knew they would both be hurting.  They talked about how they met, how they married, how her parents disowned her, the miscarriage of their son Andrew with honestly and integrity and at times, it was painful to read.  However, Claire was more than honest and I wondered how she ever had the courage and strength to leave her husband?  As for Ryan, it was obvious he was an honorable man, a man who adored Claire.

Did they both have secrets?  Of course they did and when their secrets were revealed, one learned to understand both their motives, especially Claire's. "You'll see for yourself all the ways in which these reunited lovers had grown and changed in the years they’ve been apart, and what those changes meant for them going forward."  When Ryan realized when she left, he had made excuses because it was easier for him and for him to walk away.  However, after being reunited and spending weeks together, seeing Claire as a strong woman now and her honestly with him, this man, this very sexy Ryan Brady in the end, realized he wanted to fight for her.  He still loved her and it was the same for Claire.  Thanks to Mira Lyn for writing  such a charming sweet and sexy category romance!

Back of the Book:

There’s one thing even the tabloid hounds haven’t managed to dig up about celebrity Ryan Brady: he is married! He may be one of America’s most desirable men, but his secret wife has just filed for divorce.

Since their separation six years ago, Claire has turned her life upside down: new business, new friends, new life. But when she sees Ryan to hash out a settlement, her body tells her one thing hasn’t changed—he’s still the only man who really does it for her. With all other guys guaranteed to be totally meh, she’s in last-chance saloon: it’s either an X-rated fling with her ex, or straight to!

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