Friday, November 18, 2011

Doukakis's Apprentice - Sarah Morgan

Honestly, there is no way to describe how absolutely fabulous Sarah Morgan's Doukakis's Apprentice was to read.  I don't think I can ever remember reading about such a wonderful heroine as Polly Prince. 

This lovely young woman lost her mother at an early age and was raised by her somewhat irresponsible father.  Did he love his daughter?  Yes of course, but he was a romantic and when he dated, they were usually much  younger.  He usually fell in love and married them.  Now he was missing along , along with her friend, Ariana Doukakis.  Her brother Damon was out for blood because he knew Peter Prince's MO and was afraid his sister was going to end up marry him.  The sister he had raised, loved and adored.  He was protective of her and he wanted Prince's blood.  So much so he bought out the business and Polly Prince was afraid he would lay everyone off.

Polly was loyal to the Prince employees and her friend.   As a young teen, Polly and Ariana had attended the same school and had been kicked out.  Damon didn't think his sister should be friends with her and now that Ariana had gone missing with Polly's father, he was so angry, he thought he would kill him.  What Damon didn't understand was why Prince Advertising and the employees were so important to Polly.  He didn't realize that most of those same employees were like family to her, they had practically raised her and showed her the ropes.  What he didn't also know was that the Board of Directors and her father's deputy had been skimming money from the business and had sold her father out.  However, Damon was one smart and ruthless business man and decided to give Polly and the staff a trial period and hoped that Polly's father would get in touch with her and Damon could sort everything out with his sister.

Polly was bright, lovely, cheeky and hard working and Damon in the end, couldn't fight his attraction for her.  They were perfect for each other, loyal to those they loved, both were survivors and each had such strong personalities, I just knew they would be perfect for each other.  Yes, they both fought it and add to that their family situations was like a roller coaster.  I definitely would put this romance on my Top Ten for 2011 and I sincerely recommend you reading it, especially if you like "strong" heroines.  However, let's definitely not forget the sexy, Greek billionaire had how surprised he became when he learned that most of the success of Prince Advertising was due to Polly.  Thanks to Sarah Morgan, I so enjoyed Doukakis's Apprentice, so much so, I read it three times and really loved the last chapter giving this couple their happy ending.

Sarah talks about the Doukakis's Apprentice at I(Heart)Presents

Book Description:

With her family business in crisis, Polly Prince does her best to keep calm and carry on. But hard work alone can't save her London company from a takeover by the infamously ruthless Damon Doukakis…or her traitorous body from the lethal sensuality of her boss!

As his new apprentice, Polly accompanies Damon to Paris to negotiate the most challenging business deal of her life! Worse still, Polly must at all costs resist Damon in the most dangerously romantic city in the world.…

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