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Millionaire Playboy, Maverick Heiress - Robyn Grady (Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown)

The lovely and extremely talented author, Robyn Grady has produced such a fabulous love story with her contribution to the series, The Texas Cattleman's Club: The Showdown. I have enjoyed all of the Desire authors contributions to this series and Robyn's shines as a very special one.

Women were infiltrating the exclusive men's club and some of them were not happy. One woman running for President was a friend of New York acclaimed architect Daniel Warren. Daniel was a talented and highly respected but oh boy did he and his design team have their submission back to the drawing boards.

Elizabeth Milton's fate was sealed thanks to her parents will. She was only allowed two weeks of each year to leave Texas until she reached age 30. She was left quite well off and she had an older financial advisor by the name of Chad who was crazy about her. The family ranch home she inherited was full of fond memories for her but she also loved to travel and visit her boarding school friends but her hands were somewhat tied. However, the moment she met Daniel Warren she was interested, especially when he, on the spur of the moment kissed her and she definitely wanted more. She wanted more of everything while he was in Royal because once they made love they both were hooked.

Daniel didn't share much about his upbringing because he put it in the past and didn't want to revisit it. However, unlike Elizabeth who came from a loving home, he hadn't. His parents divorced when he was five and it was bitter. His father wanted him to go into his profession; of course, he didn't. In the end he and a younger brother were shuttled back and forth. In the end a tragedy occurred. His brother was killed due to a hunting accident and Daniel blamed his father. They continued their affair, were so happy in each others arms and then he took her away for a three day trip. Would they fall in love I wondered? Because of his past would Daniel commit?

Elizabeth Milton I adored. She was spunky, she had spirit, she felt a connection to her family ranch and estate but she loved Daniel as well. In the end, they parted and I wanted to shake Daniel because after reading about their time together in and out of bed, I new she probably was the one for him but would he realize it?

There was so much going on in the town of Royal, the race for presidency between Brad and Abagail, reworking the design for the club and Elizabeth and Daniel's time was heating up. They couldn't see enough of each other and in the end, Daniel took her away to a private island. They had a wonderful, way too wonderful, until they returned back to Royal and then it all ended because Daniel didn't do forever and Elizabeth bless her heart, somehow Elizabeth got through the break-up with her dignity in tact. However, Daniel had to return to Royal and I wondered would they see each other? Would he realize how much he needed her and loved her, because I was sure he did.

Robyn Grady is a master story teller and her closing chapters were amazing to read. It took an incident to wake up and a discussion with his friend Rand to make Daniel realize life wouldn't be a full life with Elizabeth in it. The light bulb finally went off in his brain when he finally realized on his own "it wasn't the walls or the roof that made a home, it was the person or people you were with". However, most important he wanted Elizabeth permanently in his life and he also realized he had to get over his past.,

(The reviewer purchased the book)

Back of the Book

For successful New York architect Daniel Warren, designing the new Texas Cattleman's Club is an exciting challenge. And so is getting to know the delicious Elizabeth Milton. The fiery Texas heiress combines cosmopolitan chic with down-home sass—a mix impossible for a city slicker to resist.

But a carefree affair is all they can have. A stipulation in her family's will keeps Elizabeth honor-bound to stay in Royal. And this millionaire's business will soon force him to move on. Unless either dares to make the ultimate sacrifice and put love first.

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