Friday, December 09, 2011

The Italian Next Door - Anna Cleary

The Italian Next Door by the creative Anna Cleary was simply inventive. I cannot remember when I have read such an interesting love story. It’s complicated, interesting and extremely well written.

The hero Valentino (Tino) Silvestri worked for Interpol and as far as relationships went he did not do them; he was divorced, one that had caused gossip in his small Italian village. As for the Australian heroine, Pia Renferri, she was interesting as well. She not only was trying to survive a nasty break-up, she had also been held at gunpoint, suffered trauma and was not on the mend. Thanks to her cousin, she was headed to Italy and was hoping her creativity would return, as she was an artist.

Pia and Tino met in a most bizarre way at an Italian airport. As the trains and bus lines were are strike, she needed to rent t car. As things turned out there were none available. Tino overheard the conversation, began to interact with her but Pia wasn’t having any of it. In the end, he offered her a ride, along with his aunt and uncle as they were all going to the same village. As it turned out, Tino and Pia were neighbors in this quaint Italian town. However, some red flags came up to Tino. With his Interpol background, he wondered about Lauren, Pia’s cousin. How could she afford this apartment and then he definitely became suspicious due to the photos on her wall, especially when recognized a couple from Capri. The same couple who corrupted his ex-wife.

They were drawn to each other; just perfect together. However, neither was interested in permanent relationship, or so they believed. However, I wondered when everything would change, because it had to and I knew that would happen when Pia was invited to Capri. There was so much mystery about the Fiorellos, the couple from Capri who were friends with her cousin Lauren. They had introduced his ex-wife to so many things and he didn’t trust them at all. Therefore, when Pia was invited to a party at their villa, there was no way he would let her go without him.

Passion, lust, a missing Monet paining, Tino’s suspicions about the Fiorellos and a beautiful young Australian, who in the end, had stolen Tino’s heart, made for a spectacular, hot and extremely interesting romance thanks to Anna Cleary.

Product Description

The perfect holiday: sun, sand, sea and...Pia Renfern's holiday planning is easy - relaxation and recuperation are the only things on her to-do list! And she can't imagine they'll be too difficult in the beautiful, exclusive Italian village of Positano...But before she's even out of the airport Pia's heart is racing, her skin tingling and her mind filled with wild, uninhibited images of a holiday fling! The culprit? Valentino Silvestri - glorious Italian demi-god and Pia's new next-door neighbour...With him on her doorstep each day, how is a girl ever meant to wind down?

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