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The Night That Changed Everything - Anne McAllister

I adore author Anne McAllister's Greeks especially the Savas and Antodine family sagas and this was Nick Savas and Edie Tremayne's story. A romance that sizzles off the pages, one that I wondered because of its intensity and what they had both lost (each of their spouses had died) where would it go and how would it end?

Edie was the daughter of the famous actress Mona Tremayne and her sister Rhiannon was also an actress. She was a very spoiled and self absorbed sister.  Their mother, Mona had been married several times. In fact, she had six children all by different husbands. She demanded that Edie accompany she and her sister to the Savas royal wedding in Europe at Mont Chamon. And when they she spotted her "engaged" sister flirting with a man her mother insisted Edie take care of the situation..   Edie could tell Nick was trouble with a capital "T". He was the handsomest man she had ever seen and he took her breath away.

Nick was not a saint, yes he bedded women but since he blamed himself for his wife's death, he had no interest in a relationship.  Edie had mourned her husband's death as well.  She was tired of her mother forcing her to have a man in her life, so when she saw that an old flame of hers was also attending the wedding, she was furious.  So mad that in the end, as Nick was at the castle also restoring architecture, she agreed to go to his room and check out the renovations.  Let's just saw the attraction with mutual and they ended up in a "no strings attached" one night stand.  They both went their separate ways, Nick on to other restoration jobs and Edie back home to Santa Barbara.  Yet she couldn't get Nick out of her mind and had hoped he would come for her because their one night together had touched her soul.

Surprise, surprise, Nick arrived at her door step with the excuse that he had spoken to her mother about restoring an adobe ranch house, the house she had grown up in with her brother until her father had died.  Edie was shocked and held herself in check.  Nick wanted to resume their love making and Edie held off.  It was just she and Nick at her family home and it because a challenge.

Oh, oh, in the end, she succumbed to Nick's charms and I could only see her getting hurt.  She was so giving to her family and to Nick and in the end, knew she loved him and I wondered, she's only going to get hurt and I was right.  Would this handsome Greek come to his senses and give each of them the happiness they both deserved?  Could she risk her heart and teach Nick like her deceased had taught her because love and loving were worth the risk?

Another wonderful romance by Anne McAllister, one I thoroughly enjoyed.  Nick a strong, smart and sexy man and Edie, just an incredible daughter and sibling, one who definitely deserved her happy Cinderella ending.

Back of the Book

Nicholas Savas is tall, dark and too gorgeous for anyone's good. To shield her wild-child sister from Nick's intoxicating gaze, sensible Edie steps into his eyeline instead!

Nick's fascinated by the defiant, beautiful Edie—she's a challenge, and he'll thoroughly enjoy sweeping her down-to-earth feet out of the ballroom and into his bed! But one night with Edie Tremayne is unforgettable, hot as hell—and not nearly enough…

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