Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Pregnancy Contract - Yvonne Lindsay

After years of being away from home, can you imagine what it would be like to find out your father had died and that your home and family business no longer existed.  That your former lover now owned the business and the estate.  That you also no longer had your trust fund?  Top that off, Wade Collins, the man you once loved, the father of your child believed that you terminated your pregnancy even though you miscarried?

Emotional doesn't even describe the first chapters of The Pregnancy Contract.  It was obvious that Piper Mitchell only wanted to be loved.  When her mother died, her father distanced himself from Piper.  All she wanted was to be loved and to have a place in the family business.   However, her father in his own way probably thought he was doing his daughter a favor by pampering her.  Needless to say, he hurt her badly by putting his trust in her lover and the son he never had, Wade Collins.  In the end, Piper had begged Wade to follow her to Europe but Wade made the choice to stay and help run Mitchell Exports.  She loved him so much and when she miscarried their child, she was heart broken and alone.  A father who she felt didn't love her and the man she loved who turned his back on her.  So she left heart broken but in the end picked herself up and devoted her life to helping others whether it was nursing the sick or tending to babies and she used her trust fund to help the less fortunate.

However, upon her father's death and meeting with the attorney she found out that Wade not only owned her family home, he owned the business.  Her trust fund was gone, her father due to his illness and in an attempt to seek special treatments lost his fortune to Wade who had loaned him money.  Wade wanted her to settle her debt immediately, which of course she couldn't.  So he came up with a bizarre proposal........he wanted Piper to have his child, giving him an heir.  He was bitter because he thought years earlier that she had terminated her pregnancy and he now demanded she, at all costs, give him that child.  She could live at the Mitchell home and even work at Mitchell Exports and if she wanted, because God help him he still wanted her.

Talk about a mess and an emotional roller coaster.  They would see each other at work each day, she agreed in the end, to have his baby and she realized she still loved him.  However, he wouldn't believe her because her father had told him she had aborted their child.  I wondered what would this closeness they shared cost Piper?  Love, that's what it was all about, she just wanted to be loved but could Wade give that to her?  One thing was for sure, Piper worked hard at Mitchell's, her co-workers loved her and she surprised Wade and made him realize that her father, Rex Mitchell had done her a disservice by pampering her and not letting her work in the family business.

The ending chapters were hard to read.  Piper became pregnant but would Wade realize the mistakes he was making by assuming the worst about Piper and their shared past?  Sometimes it takes a wake up call to make sense out of things, and that's exactly what he got and then some.  Yvonne Lindsay did an incredible job, creating a "nail bitting" ending to The Pregnancy Contract.

Back of the Book

If she bears his child, he'll forgive her debt.

The proposal is unthinkable, unimaginable…yet not unappealing. Long ago, Piper Mitchell's passionate affair with her father's protégé ended in disaster. Now, in spite of his demands, she's thrilled to begin it anew—especially if it means a chance at forgiveness.

Wade Collins has longed for revenge on the spoiled rich girl who toyed with his affections. And now that Piper is back—destitute and deeply indebted to him—he'll use any means necessary to get her back in his bed. But when emotions enter the negotiation, will Piper turn the tables yet again, settling for nothing less than love on her terms?

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