Monday, December 05, 2011

Sandra Marton - The Real Rio D'Aquila - Orsini Brides

So sad to see Sandra Marton's Orsini Brothers and Brides come to an end and oh what an ending as only Ms. Marton can pen.  Fabulous!

Rio De'Aquila had not always had this name.  Yes it was his legal name now but when he was a child, the nuns at the orphanage had named him Matteo Rossi.  He was sexy as sin, had homes all over the world, was filthy rich and not too hard on the eyes.  He had a home in the Hamptons which needed to be landscaped and thanks to spending an evening with Dante Orsini and his wife, because he was looking for a landscaper, Dante's wife suggested Izzy, Dante's sister for the job, at least an interview and he agreed.

What a day for Izzy Orsini.  Everyone wanted her to help with their plants,  she had an interview, borrowed her sister's Anna's clothes, shoes and car.  And she was late. More than two hours late, had an accident with the car, her clothes, hair, everything was a wreck and she looked horrible.  Now when she came upon the estate she met an arrogant man who claimed to be the caretaker, but really it was Rio D'Aquila and he made her furious.  Earlier in the day, Rio had been digging ditches and working in the garden.  He was furious that this Izzy was well over two hours late and when she finally arrived, dirty and disheveled, he decided to introduce himself as Mateo Rossi because life as he had once know it and since she actually thought he was the caretaker, he thought it would be fun to act the part. was.  In business and the women he dated liked him for what he could give them.  However, after some hours with Izzy, and the sparks flying between them he decided not to tell her who he was and because the train station was closed and her car out of commission, he offered her a bedroom in his home.

Talk about sparks and of course, in the end, they became intimate.  It was like neither of them had ever dreamed of.  Rio felt guilty for keeping his identity from Izzy and decided to take her to his private island and tell her the truth.   Let's say everything exploded because her family got wind of what was happening and dragged her home,told her the truth and she was definitely broken hearted.

The Real Rio D'Aquila, was the frosting on the cake so to speak and the perfect ending to a beautifully crated romance and series by one of my favorite authors, Sandra Marton.  I'm so looking forward to hopefully another family saga by this author in the near future.

Book Description:

Italian by birth, this street urchin lived a life of extreme poverty until he escaped to Brazil—where he cast off his roots, took a new name and pulled himself up from the streets.

Now Rio D'Aquila is beyond wealthy, with a reputation for being uncompromising in business and incomparable in bed! But on meeting vulnerable Isabella Orsini, he feels something deep within him stir, and he finds himself pretending to be that long-forgotten man.

Passion flares and their affair spirals, but Isabella still doesn't know that her lover has lied to her. Who is the real Rio D'Aquila?

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