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Craving the Forbidden (The Fitzroy Legacy) India Grey

Craving the Forbidden was book one in the Fitzroy Legacy.  As the book states on the back cover, the second part of the story will be revealed this month.  Book one is Kit's and Sophie's story where shocking secrets were revealed.  It was full of turmoil and passion and left me wanting more.

It begins with Sophie boarding the rail and headed to the Fitzroy Manor is her friend  Jasper's date.  Jasper as Sophie well knew was gay but he didn't want his family to find out so he asked Sophie to pose as his lover.  What Sophie didn't know was that Jasper's brother Kit would be sitting next to her on that very same train. Their journey began to be an interesting one especially when they found out each other's identity.  She was like no other woman he had ever met but because he believed her to be his brother's girlfriend, he fought his desire for Sophie.  After being in the desert with his men for four months, her fiery hair, green eyes and outrageous brightened up his journey, until he found out she was Jasper's girlfriend and that was like dowsing ice water on his head.

Sophie had secrets as well from when she attended boarding school and know that she new Kit had been decorated with the Medal of honor which she and Jasper saw while shopping the the village for something for Sophie to wear to his father's birthday party, she felt he had also made false assumptions about her as he considered her a tart and a  gold digger, after his brother's money.  However, there was nothing to deny the attraction and sparks that arched between them and they both on a daily basis, fought it.  Until the night in the wine cellar when he touched and kissed her.....everything changed.

From then on everything went down hill.  Ralph Fitzroy had a heart attach, secrets were revealed, everything spun out of control.  It was like a tornado, whirling out of control, from Ralph passing, Jasper loosing it and Kit, well let's just say it was all a huge mess.  Add to the mix, some girls from the boarding school she attended told lies to the Fitzroy's about her past.  It was so unfair as Sophie was a free, vibrant and had compassion.  Any man would have been lucky to have her love.

It was over shortly after they began and it was a horrible day for the Fitzroy family.  They were burying Ralph Fitzroy and he and Sophie had made love the night before.  He felt he had betrayed his brother and she thought she had explained everything as best as she could.  Still, there were more secrets that would come spilling out and could hurt this family, even  Sophie.

Kit Fitzroy was quite the alpha hero and so was Sophie Greenham, she was so vibrant.  She made the winter days at the manor, bright and sunny.  Even though the girl with no past and a made up name felt she didn't belong, she did!  I look forward to seeing what lies ahead for this couple in In Bed With a Stranger.  Thank you to India Grey for this lovely two part epic romance!

Back of the Book::

The wrong Fitzroy brother?

Ticket-dodging in a first-class train carriage is not how bubbly Sophie Greenham envisaged meeting Kit Fitzroy, wealthy aristocrat, fearless army hero and brother of her friend Jasper. The smouldering heat between her and Kit is an unwelcome shock—especially as Sophie is masquerading as Jasper's girlfriend all holiday!

Although Kit's bravery is legendary, he's dreading the return to his magnificent ancestral manor. But Sophie's vibrancy dispels the shadows in his tortured soul, consuming Kit with a potent desire for the one woman he's forbidden to touch.…

Craving the Forbidden is part one of India Grey's unforgettable two-part story. Look for part two, In Bed with a Stranger, available December 2011!

Author India Grey talks about her two book duo at I(Heart)Presents

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