Sunday, January 08, 2012

Working with the Enemy - Susan Stephens

The bad boy Heath Stump and now millionaire returned home to the country estate left to him by Uncle Harry.  Only to find camped on the estate's doorstep, the girl from his bad boy past, Bronte Foster-Jenkins.  The same girl who wanted to restore Hebers Ghyll and apply for the job of Heber's estate manager.

Bronte reminded Heath of things he wanted to forget, like his abusive childhood, the times he had been incarcerated.  She also set off sparks and the heat simmered between them.  So much so that once Heath returned to the old estate and found out that Bronte and her girlfriends had been cleaning up the old castle inside and out when he had specifically forbidden it, passion like no other flared between them.  Bronte reminded Heath of things he was ashamed of and she was the first woman he was actually attracted to and for once in his life, she was the first woman to meet and match his sexual appetite

.Hebers Ghyll was important to Bronte as her father had been the caretaker and her mother the cook/housekeeper.  She had adored Uncle Harry and he had even assisted Bronte with getting her estate manager certificate.  However, Herbers Ghyll wasn't important to Heath, at least he kept telling himself so but in the end, he decided to give Bronte a chance because it meant everything to her and also provided jobs for the town's people.  There was one thing for sure, Bronte had grown up in a loving family and Heath had been left alone until Uncle Harry stepped in and gave him the most incredible gift, that of a computer.  Now Heath, thanks to that computer made his living in the gaming world, living an affluent and high life style.  Not until Bronte came to London and saw his home did she realize just how important a "home" was to this sexy man.

They had an explosive evening together, then an argument and started over, learning more about each other Secretly, I wondered if they would ever  get their chance because it was so very obvious that Bronte adored Heath.  Bronte had a job to do along with the towns people, and that was restoring Herbers Ghyll which became her top priority.  A tragedy played itself out on the estate, and only then did Heath realize how much he loved this woman.  Working with the Enemy was a well crafted reunion romance, one I sincerely enjoyed thanks to Susan Stephens.  It was part of Risky Business series.

Back of the Book

Heath Stamp was a very bad boy growing up. If there was a fight, he fought. If there was a woman, he took her to bed. If there was a sweet, innocent girl with big doe eyes—he ran a mile.

Bronte Foster-Jenkins sure isn't looking at him with big doe eyes anymore. Instead, she's shooting daggers in his direction. All grown up, Heath is rich, arrogant and ready to raze his family estate to the ground—even if Bronte will do anything to stop him. He'll do it with a glint in his eye and happily take her down with him. For, make no mistake, Heath Stamp has gone from bad…to irresistible!

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