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The Argentinian's Solace - Susan Stephens (The Acosta's)

The Band of Brothers

Book One: The Shameless Life of Ruiz Acosta with shameless Ruiz!

Book Two: The Argentineans Solace with brooding, injured Diego

Book Three: title to be announced with the Acosta boy’s sister, Lucia, and Luke Forster, the muscle-bound son of Princeton Lucia has tormented since they were children

Book Four: title to be announced with the oldest brother, Nacho, and a blind sommelier called Grace

Book Five: title to be announced with bad-boy Kruz and a penniless princess

This is one series I am sincerely looking forward to reading. I've read Ruiz and Holly's story and now in the wonderful The

Argentinian's Solace written by one of my favorite authors, Susan Stephens we learn of the sultry and sexy Diego as only Susan can pen.

These proud Argentinean Polo players and brother's are amazing and this is Diego's story that had been injured in a polo match. He's "snarly" and angry most of the time. He was trying to get back his strength and heal his leg thanks to be injured during a match. How dare this lovely and outspoken wedding planner invade his island, the island where Holly and his brother Rio are getting married. Maxie Parrish was quite the woman and her last name conjured up all sort of unpleased memories, memories of his dearest friend who had committed suicide due to a deal gone bad at the hands of a swindler with the last name of "Parrish". Could it be a coincidence?

Diego and Maxie definitely had chemistry. She was not like most of the supplicated women he dated. She had spirit, sass, and spunk. However, most of all, she was outspoken, organized and drove him crazy. As for Diego, I think Maxie fell in love with him at first sight when she disembarked the boat and took one look at this sexy man who reminded her of a pirate. It was also Diego's job his future sister-in-law assigned him, to show her around. Then without any notice, Diego offered Maxie another job, to organize the charity event in Argentina at his family's estancia. The bride to be had stayed there and now Maxie was going as well. However, as attracted, they were to each other, Diego felt Maxie was keeping a secret about her past and she definitely was, her father was in medical care at a secluded and private care facility. Even though he had hurt her and her mother, she felt obligated to provide care for him and her wedding planning business due to its success allowed Maxie to afford it.

Would they act on their shared and mutual attraction? Of course, they did but not before Diego offered to take her to the family estancia and offered Maxie a job arranging a charity event in conjunction with a polo match. Its here one learns more about the brother's and their sister Lucia. They all realize how much Maxie has done for Diego. However, her secret concerning her father still lurks in the background.

The ending chapters were enjoyable in the sense one learns to understand the Acosta family. However, when Maxie fled back home to the UK, those pages were extremely difficult. The way this author portrays Maxie and her relationship with her father, had me choked up and wanting a happy ending for Diego and Maxie. Trust me, the Acosta men, sister and their friends were again, another fabulous romance thanks to Susan Stephens talent.

More about the Acosta's and Thbe Argentinian's Solace from the author, Susan Stephens.

Back Blurb:

Diego Acosta's polo-playing days are over. Living in self-imposed exile on his idyllic island, he finds his nights are now filled with tormenting memories rather than the beautiful women who once graced his king-size bed.

When Maxie Parrish crashes into his solitude, radiating exuberance and a love of life, she burns so brightly he can't take his eyes off her! He'll seduce her and conquer her with the same single-minded determination that saw him rise to the top of the world polo circuit.

This time he wants to walk away unharmed, because the scars that can't be seen take longer to heal….

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Susan Stephens said...

Marilyn, thank you for your lovely words. I have so enjoyed writing this series.
I can tell you that Luke and Lucia are in production, but because my editor is so enthusiastic about Nacho's story, this will be coming out first later this year and will be entitled, A Taste Of The Untamed.
Featuring Nacho, the oldest of the Acosta brothers, and blind sommelier Grace, this is a book I just adored writing and I hope it shows.
I shall be so sorry to say goodbye to these glorious bad boys, and it hardly seems possible that I am writing the last book in the series... The youngest brother, Kruz, and his handful of a heroine,

Thank you again so much for your sparkling enthusiasm, your love of romance and your fab site.


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