Saturday, February 25, 2012

Behind Boardroom Doors (The Kincaid's) - Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis was the perfect person to write RJ Kincaid's story, RJ the oldest son of the deceased Reginald Kincaid or so they thought until it was revealed their father had lived two lives with two women and children. I could not wait to read RJ's story because just a few weeks ago I read his Brother Matthew's story, loved it, and just knew I would need to read all of the Kincaid's.

The poor family was a mess. Their mother had been arrested for their father's murder and was in jail. Two of his sister's were getting married. The illegitimate son Jack Sinclair was left 45% of the Kincaid Group and was probably going to take the family down. A true scandal and all of Charleston knew about it!

RJ Kincaid headed up the Kincaid Group. However, he was so frustrated and worried about his mother and what would happen when Jack Sinclair finally took over. He counted on his PA, Brooke Nichols and as for Brooke; she had a crush on her boss. She did everything for RJ, so much so when he almost went ballistic in a board meeting she asked him to come with her and plied him with whiskey. Top that off with some hot kissing. What was wrong with him? Why hadn't he noticed how sexy and beautiful she was? He honestly felt he needed to get away and so he asked Brooke to join him at his hunting lodge for the weekend.

If you want hot, then that's what you're going to get in Behind Boardroom Doors. Not only their weekend at the lodge but their entire affair until everything explodes in their faces when RJ learns it was Brooke's statement that put his mother in jail.

Brooke knew what this meant, she was under no illusion that RJ finally noticed her, wanted her and she was willing and ready to be with RJ and hoped it would not end badly. She had worked hard at the Kincaid Group, like all of his family but really wanted to move up in the company. However, she held a secret, one she knew she should tell RJ but was reluctant. The night of his father's murder she had see his mother come to the office late at night. When she was questioned by the police, she felt she needed to tell the truth. The result, his mother was arrested.

What could possibly go wrong having an affair with your boss? Lots, how people would view her at the office, how his family would view her, would she get hurt? What would happen when her secret was revealed? Trust me, a lot happens, and through into their relationship some twists and turns as only Jennifer Lewis can write. I adored RJ, mainly because he took his responsibilities for his family and the Kincaid Group seriously. However, realizing what it was like without Brooke in his life after he exploded and how they got their happy ending, was amazing. I also loved how this author gave us a glimpse of the family and his father's other family. Makes me want to rush out tomorrow and purchase the rest of the series.

Back of the Book

Boss whisperer Brooke Nichols has never seen RJ Kincaid act like this. True, his mother is in jail for murdering his father, and an illegitimate brother has all but stolen the shipping dynasty RJ's worked so hard to safeguard. However, that's no excuse for bad behavior. Therefore, as a good assistant should, Brooke pulls him aside and pours him a drink. Resulting in a kiss…or two. If only she didn't have a secret that could tear the Kincaid family apart, maybe this fantasy could last forever. If only…….…

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