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Fiancee for One Night - Trish Morey (21st Century Bosses)

Fiancee for One Night was everything a romance should be.......a past brief encounter in an office, and now years later she worked for him.  She had a secret baby, NOT his! So when would her secret be recvealed?  Why?  Because a few years later she was working from her home as personal PA. Could she keep the secret?  When would he realize who she was and that she's been working for him for the past two years? Let's face it, Trish Morey has a real "winner" with Fiancee for One Night.

I'm not kidding you, this romance is so complicated, full of lies, deceit, betrayal in a sort of a way and all at the expense of a client Leo Zamos wants to seal the deal. When he realizes he needs a "fake" fiance, he offers is PA a ridiculous amount of money to play the part of his finance. However, when he meets her, he realizes he had bedded her years ago and then imagine shock when he sees and learns she had an infant son by another man.

We learned about Eve Carmichael that she had met Leo years ago and shared passion in a storage room. It didn't go any further but it could have. Now when he meets her, again, as his PA he recognized her and then by chance he offered her a job she couldn't refuse, play she was his fiancee to seal a deal.  They share such a night of passion and she thought it was over but it wasn't.

He needed her one last time because Mr. Willis and his wife like this couple and another and demanded they join them at their private island.  He demanded she bring him some papers and realizes she has a son in toe. His deal is important to him, so much so he requests she pose as his fiance and when the other two couples involved in the deal request Eve and Leo accompany them to a private island in Australia and bring her son which all believe is Leo's, the entire game changes. One thing is for sure, Eve enjoys her home which is need of repair while Leo, has no home. He lives on his jet, and in hotels when he's not on his jet. Talk about a very sad situation. What Eve also realized is from a picture of a "lonely man" sitting on a park bench she had seen in his possession that it could be Leo someday.

Trish Morey has done an incredible job with Fiance For One Night. It's intensify emotional, a roller coaster romance, so very sad to read about Leo's interaction with Eve's son and the deception of the Willis. Not only that, Leo had a horrible childhood, had nightmares and was determined not to care for Eve. But for Eve, it wasn't that easy and I new she was going to get hurt and of course she did.
Would their passion win over all of Leo's defences? Could they get their HEA and live happily ever after? An incredible ending to a very beautiful love story, thanks to Trish Morey.

I love behind the book stories and here is Trish's for Fiuancee for One Night her 25th book.  Hard to believe.

Back of the Book

Leo Zamos persuades his virtual PA, Eve Carmichael, to act as his fake fiancée at a business dinner. Thinking he's never met her before, Leo assumes that Eve's appearance will be as neat and professional as the work she's so efficiently performed for him. But soon he realizes how wrong he's been! With her soft curves, and lips that beg to be kissed, Eve is every bit as tempting as her namesake….

Eve has accepted Leo's commission reluctantly—how can she, a single mom, refuse the fee he's offering her? But will he recognize her as the girl he once briefly met and for whom he felt a simmering attraction? When Eve sees Leo again, she knows that the one-evening masquerade she's signed up for is about to become a whole passionate night…in his bed.

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