Monday, February 27, 2012

Once a Ferrara Wife... - Sarah Morgan

The wonderful, extraordinary author Sarah Morgan has written a most incredible romance. I just re-read it a second time that is how much I loved it. Actually, it should be a marriage or relationship every couple should read for several reasons. As the hero Cristiano states at the end of the book "life isn't smooth, but it's the bumps that help us find out who we are. And it's handling the bumps that give us courage."

Cristiano was literally the head of the Ferrara family. After his father died and after college, he took over the family business and he had the job of taking care of his family, He literally grew the family business and actually made all of his father's dreams come true and more so. However, that cost him his wife Laurel, caused her to run and it had been over 2 years since he had seen her. Now, Laurel was coming back to Sicily to be the maid of honor at his sister's Dani's wedding and to finalize their divorce.

Laurel Ferrara, the heroine was an extremely delicate woman due to her past. She had been left in a bag as an infant, gone through all sorts of disappointments, did not trust, did not share her thoughts with anyone. Not until she married Cristiano who demanded she open up to him and then when she need him the most, he let her down. She had been pregnant, knew something was wrong, had called him, and because a deal was too important to his corporation and family hadn't answered his cell. In the end, it cost them both; she lost her baby and more. The only way she could deal with it, all was to run. Now she was back for her best friend's wedding and had to face her husband and his family.

I am trying to be careful here because I don't want to ruin your experience but all I can say is you won't want to miss reading this most powerful story. It has so many lessons to learn because the way I see it in today’s society people give up on each other. When the bad comes, it is easier for them to walk away. Actually, I cried and cried both times I read this incredible love story. It was all about the good and the bad, communication, forgiveness and the power of love to see Cristiano and Laurel through their mess of a marriage and in the end, coming out on top. Sarah Morgan this was such an amazing romance and how you gave Laurel her happy ending to her "fairy tale", how Cristiano and Laurel survived the "bumps" in their marriage had me in "happy" tears. Promise your readers you will write more "Ferrara" stories as only you can. On a scale of one to ten, Once a Ferrara Wife was definitely a ten!

Sarah talks about this wonderful romance over at I(Heart)Presents

Back of the Book

Laurel Ferrara wouldn't know a happy ending if she fell over it—of course her whirlwind wedding was always going to end in disaster. But it wasn't as simple as just walking away. From the moment she is summoned back to Sicily, the shivers of unease set in….

The command comes from legendary billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, the husband she can't forget—but it might as well have come from the devil himself. The outrageously gorgeous Cristiano's power is a potent reminder of this Sicilian dynasty's unbreakable rule: once a Ferrara wife, always a Ferrara wife….

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naida said...

If you read it twice you must have loved it! It does sound good.


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