Thursday, February 02, 2012

Playing His Dangerous Game - Tina Duncan

This was my first Tuna Duncan read and I absolutely adored Playing His Dangerous Game.  It's an Heiress and a body guard story which was orchestrated by Shara Atwood's father.   (Atwood) one of Royce's clients had asked him to protect his daughter from her "stalking" ex-husband while he was out of the country.  Atwood had used Royce several times and knew Shara would be safe.

When she opened her eyes to the sound of his voice on a dance floor, Shara was shocked at how well built and handsome the man before her stood.  What did this man want from her?  Why was he here?  She'd had enough of possessive men, her very own father and her "sicko" ex, making threats, following her, calling her, she just wanted to be left alone.  Now this "force" was here, thanks to her father and she only wanted to be alone.  However, this larger than life, sexy male had other ideas.  At any cost, he was going to move in with her and keep her safe.  All I could think of was what an interesting plot for a romance and how would Shara survive being locked in with this sexy man?  Under his scrutiny, with her husband stalking her, calling her, breathing on the phone, making threats, how would she survive the intensity of being alone with Royce?

From the beginning I realized they were made for each other.  He was a man of honor, a man who believed in right and wrong.  A big guy who had been bullied for being tall in his youth, a man who believed in giving back, who championed bullied youth.  As for Shara, she was confusing to me at first until I learned her story about her relationship with her father and her ex-husband.  It was amazing to read to read about her personal growth and that happened thanks to Royce teaching her how to survive by self defense which made her stronger personally.  So much so she was able in the end to not only stand up to her ex she was a stronger person thanks to her relationship with Royce.   Thank you Tina Duncan for an incredible love story

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Natalija said...

This is a must read for me. Love bodyguard stories.


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