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Interview with the Daredevil - Nicola Marsh

Nicola Marsh is a master story teller.  Interview With the Daredevil from the very beginning stole my breath away.  The chemistry between Ava Beckett, the Prime Minister’s daughter and thrill seeker Roman Gianakis was so hot and amazing.
Ava had been the perfect political daughter and wife.  However, not anymore because she walked away from her father and husband because she was tired of being politically correct.  Now she was in Melbourne, staying at the elegant Crown Metropol with a fabulous pool to herself or so she thought until she collided with the handsome and sexy daredevil, Roman.
What can I say about Roman Gianakis?  He was a magnificent sport legend, travelled the world.  When he collided with Ava in the pool, both of their lives would change.  With a bump on her head, a sexy kiss which was so out of character for Ava, the world as she knew it, would change.  Roman had a scheduled meeting with a family friend, who happened to be a publisher.  Ava had shared with him she wanted to be a writer.  She was given that opportunity in the form of interviewing Roman and if things panned out, she would have a new career.
To say things were calm between them would be a lie.  Their passion leaped off of the pages.  This sensual couple both had their own secrets.  Roman was concerned his mother and his upbringing might be published.  Definitely things he definitely didn’t want to share with anyone.  Ava’s secrets also concerned her past and her high profile as the Prime Minister’s daughter and her failed marriage.
All I can say is this high profiled couple and their relationship was amazing to read and such an enjoyable romance, one I will long remember.  If you love chemistry, hot romance, then Interview With The Daredevil is one for you!
 Back of the Book
After spending the past few years as the perfect political wife, Ava's finally single and free to live her life as she chooses—away from the paparazzi. She starts her new life as a freelance writer with a massive scoop: an interview with extreme sports legend—and dreamboat!—Roman Gianakis…

The immediate chemistry is all-consuming, but Roman lives his life firmly in the public eye. To match him, she'll have to step up next to him.

Behind the Book with Nicola Marsh

The Ex Who Hired Her - Kate Hardy

They were in university when they fell in love.  However, lack of communication, the loss of a baby, cost them both.  Now years later Jordan Smith and Xandra Bennett with two failed marriages meet up again because Xandra is interviewing for marketing position at Jordan's department store.

Kate Hardy never disappoints and this particular reunion romance was spectacular.  Jordan and Alexandra Porter as he once knew her were way too young when they fell in love, but yet they both loved each other.  What Jordan never knew was that Alexandra had become pregnant with his baby and lost it.  Jordan came from money and Alexandra never felt she would fit in.  All she wanted in life was to be loved and in the end, she married for it, only to have a controlling husband.  Jordan also married for all of the wrong reasons.  He married a childhood friend and his marriage also ended because he was a workaholic.  Now years later, they are both reunited because Alexandra is interviewing for a position at Field's Department store, Jordan's family owned business.

Reunion romances always make me think how I would react seeing an ex, especially one I had fallen in love with.  It wouldn't be a pretty sight, that's for sure.  However, Jordan and Alexandra were very professional, aloof, in fact.  In the end, Jordan gave her the job.  All of Alexandra's co-workers adored her.  Like Jordan, she worked long hours and was a workaholic.  Seeing each other on a daily basis drove them both crazy because the chemistry was still there for both of them.  In the end, when avoidance didn't work, they ended up taking meals together, talking business and yes you guessed it, there was no denying the chemistry between them.
The Ex Who Hired her was a brilliant romance.  Mixing the past with the present, learning about each other, reconciling their past mistakes, moving forward.  It was simply plain wonderful.  Plus who could resist a trip to Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world?  Conflict, bitterness, miscommunication didn't hurt this love story; it only made it more spectacular, thanks to Kate Hardy.  The Ex Who Hired Her is definitely a "keeper"!

Back Blurb:

Memo to self: when you work with your ex, keep all thoughts strictly business!

No matter how wickedly kissable those luscious lips, or how sinfully seductive those endless legs, tycoon Jordan Smith wants nothing to do with his ex-lover Alexandra Bennett.

Only Alex is his new hotshot employee! Their sizzling chemistry can't be denied, and working late nights soon drives them both crazy with need….

It's becoming impossible to resist—but with so much painful history between them, can breaking up ever lead to making up…for good?

Behind the Book from the author:
I love reunion stories. And I loved writing this one - about two people who were torn apart because what happened to them was just too much for them to cope with. (Um, I'd better warn you now; you will need tissues, because I made myself cry when I was writing this.) 
Ten years later, they meet again - completely unexpectedly - and knock each other for six. Except it takes them a while to admit it to themselves, let alone to each other!
Jordan does something amazingly romantic when he whisks Alexandra off to a place she's always wanted to see for the day (and night). Also very decadent, too, because it's Venice! (My working title for the book was "One Night in Venice".)
 I have to admit that some of this comes from my research trip to Venice. I danced through St Mark's Square with my husband to that exact same piece of music. And we went on a gondola and it was really, really romantic (who says you can't be romantic when you have kids with you? Sure you can). The bits that Alex notices about Venice - yup. My fave bits, too. And no, our room didn't have a balcony!! (Though the breakfast terrace of our hotel was right on the Grand Canal and had the best view. I just transposed it to a roof terrace for the book. 
The book is dedicated to my friend Lizzie Lamb and her parrot Jasper (whom I borrowed for the book - he did have a bigger part originally but my ed spotted him and he suffered the same fate as the reindeer) (but not as bad as the fate of the elephants: the very first words of the revision letter were "lose the elephants"!)

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Merry Christmas, Baby (Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson)

I purchased this book because I adored Vicki Lewis Thompson Sons of Chance series.  However, what I didn’t count on was also adoring the other two authors,  Jennifer LaBrecque and Rhonda Nelson’s books as well.  In each novella, all couples fell in love within a couple of days.  Each author’s contribution was incredible.
VLT’s book was It’s Christmas, Cowboy and features one of the handsome cowboys from the Last Chance Ranch, Tucker Ramsey.  Tucker’s chasing a runaway horse on Christmas Eve and whose cabin should he come upon but an old friend from high school, Lacey Evans who he hadn’t seen in years.  Tucker was considered a “bad boy” back then and stole a kiss one night at a dance.  A kiss neither one of them had forgotten.
Lacey was nursing wounds from a broken up relationship.  As for Tucker, he just wanted to prove himself to the Chance Brother’s.  Neither one of them were too keen on Christmas but what transpired over Christmas Eve, will steal your breath away thanks to the marvelous Vicki Lewis Thompson.  The Last Chance series is one you won’t want to miss, I promise.
Jennifer LaBrecque was a new author for me to read and I loved her Northern Fantasy (Alaskan Heat Holiday Novella).  Two buddies heading for Alaska as one will be the groom and the other in the wedding party.  Jared Martin and Nick had been good friends forever.  Nick was a stockbroker in New York and looking forward to seeing and spending time in the small town of Good Riddance, Alaska.  What he also didn’t expect was to meet was a lovely aspiring actress, who wanted a career in New York by the name of Teddy Monroe. 
Teddy and Jared ended more than acquaintances; they ended up both being in the wedding party and “lusted” after each other.  They more than lusted, they fell in love and things became complicated for them both.
It was such a fun book, with great secondary characters and an interesting town in Alaska celebrating the Christmas Holidays thanks to Jennifer LaBrecque.  I’ll continue to look for Jennifer’s books and I certainly enjoyed this one.
Rhonda Nelson was also a new author for me and one from now on I’ll continue to look for her books.  Her contribution was He’ll be Home for Christmas and about a military man coming home to Florida to surprise he parents.  Of course they are on a cruise but there’s one hot interior designer naked in his parent’s hot tub.
Silas Davenport and Delphie Moreau’s romance got off to an interesting start.  From the beginning things sizzled between them from the red lacey underwear, to her lovely beauty, to prepared home cooked meals.
Silas was an honorable man and one hot soldier.  As for Delphie she was feeling “blue” thanks to her sister’s Christmas wedding with no date and relatives who would notice.  Yes, you guessed correctly, she cooks him a home cooked meal and things heat up in her kitchen and home and of course, Silas becomes her date for the wedding.
 Like the other author’s holiday romances, Rhonda did an incredible job and she is also one I look forward to reading again.
Back of the Book
Who will you find under your Christmas tree?

A cowboy?
Ranch hand Tucker Rankin isn't crazy about the holidays…until a wintry night before Christmas, when Lacey Evans shows him how much fun it is to be nestled all snug in her bed….

A wealthy New Yorker?
Stockbroker Jared Martin needs to get away, and Alaska's the perfect place to unwind. Especially once actress Theodora "Teddy" Monroe gets him to loosen his tie—and take it all off!

Or maybe even a man in uniform?
Soldier Silas Davenport is on Christmas leave. But when he arrives at his parents' home, no one is there…except for the irresistible Delphie Moreau. And she's one gift he won't be exchanging!

A Forbidden Affair (The Master Vintners series) Yvonne Lindsay

I have so enjoyed Yvonne Lindsay’s The Master Vintner’s series.  It’s not only about “tangled vines, it’s also about tangled lives and a ton of secrets.
In the Wayward Son we learned that Charles Wilson and his wife split up in a “brutal” divorce with Charles keeping his daughter Nicole and his ex-wife took their son to New Zealand because he believed she had an affair with his business partner.  He also sent his daughter’s best friend to find his long lost son.
In a Forbidden Affair, this is Nichole Wilson’s story and one I was so looking forward to because, Charles Wilson gave his business to his son hurting his daughter who had given her life to her company.  We also learned in the Wayward Son that Charles Wilson’s business partner died a broken man, accused falsely.  Now the man and rival of Wilson Wines is a Nate Jackson and actually the son of Charles old business partner.
 All I could think of was Nicole Wilson was so upset, would she end up Nate Jackson and working at Jackson Importers, working against her brother and father?  Go got it!  Right!  Because Nicole Wilson decided to have a night out on the town, ended hooking up with Nate, not knowing who he was, ended up at his home and then shortly thereafter, accepting a position at Jackson Importers.
Let the games begin, let feathers fly, let the families try to extract revenge as only the talented Ms.  Lindsay, pen.  I loved all of the passion, the family drama and how Nicole and Nate got their HEA.
Back of the Book
Nate Jackson finds it almost too easy to seduce his enemy's daughter. And after their white-hot weekend, he issues an ultimatum—Nicole Wilson will work for him or her family will learn of their affair.

Nicole has little choice. Yet even as she bows to her lover's demands, she sees the hope for redemption in Nate's eyes. Can his reasons be justified? And does she dare trust a man planning to destroy all she holds dear?

Forbidden to His Touch - Natasha Tate

Rafael Chaves was a most unusual hero in Forbidden to His Touch.  I had to hold my breath while reading the first chapters of this brilliant love story as is was so unique for this “tortured” man.  He would do anything for Dante Turino, anything as there was an unspoken agreement between them because Dante had saved Rafael’s life, had given him a home.  However, poor Rafael was tortured by Sophia, Dante’s daughter.  Honestly, they were both tortured from the time they were teenagers, they both wanted each other but it was forbidden.

What can one say about Sophia Turino?  She had been spoiled all of her life by a doting father.  However, she loved Rafael with her entire being and he broke her heart, each time she tried to approach him and share her feelings.  In the end, in a fit of rage, she left her father and home and moved to London.  Each time she tried to approach her father; he disowned her so when he died she returned home to California and the family business, a successful winery.

Natasha Tate is an amazing author and she takes their journey to so many levels.  For Sophia her painful journey of loving a man who refused to love her back.  Her father, who she felt never, loved her.  Especially during her adult years when she pushed herself so hard to make him proud of her, to notice her.  Time and time again she felt the two men in her life, Rafael and her father, what would it take to get their attention?  Leave?

What was hardest for me to read was Rafael’s painful childhood and how much he loved Dante, the man who rescued him, gave him a new meaning for living.  Raf was devoted to Dante and the winery and had helped to make it a success.  Now that Dante was gone, he had to deal with Sophia’s return and her desire to work side by side with him and it drove him crazy.  This part of Forbidden to His Touch was painful to read because Raf didn’t feel he deserved Sophia and Sophia, in the end, was determined to get the man she loved, the man who deserved to be loved.

So, with that all being said,  prepare yourself for tears and a little heart ache while reading this extraordinary love story;  especially when Rafael bears his soul to Sophia.

Back of Book:

Rafael Chaves is a man tortured by his gut-wrenching past and tempted by a future he dare not even dream about. Knowing he'll never deserve the only woman he ever wanted, Raf will make sure she stays as far away from him as possible.

But when Sophia Turino, the daughter of the man who raised Rafael from the gutter, stands before him seven years later, she's even harder to resist—confident, successful and as intoxicatingly beautiful as ever. It's time for Raf to obliterate his darkly powerful infatuation

Behind the book with Natasha Tate.

First Time Lucky? - Natalie Anderson

 I'm not kidding, I chuckled throughout reading First Time Lucky?, up until the end and then the tears came.  Natalie Anderson has an amazing writing style  which brings humour, warmth and depth; breathing life into her characters.

First Time Lucky?  Was no different.  Two opposites attract and this sexy New Zealand sports doctor who broke away from generations of wealth in the farming community.  Gabe pursued a medical and went against his family wishes for him to one day take over.    Gabe Hollingworth was on a leave of absence from dating as his last relationship ended up with the woman he was dating, moving into his home while he was out of the country.  In the end, she went  "crazy" and her family had to be called in.  The last thing he wanted was to meet and get serious about anyone.  He decided to move out of his home and went in search of something to lease and that's when he found "The Tree house" and Roxie.  Little did he know his life was about to change. 

With the money Roxie received in advance from Gage, she bought some new underwear and had highlights put into her hair and tried out for the rugby dance team.  Her ability was immediately realized, she was hired and on her first day, stung by a bee.  On top of that, she had a reaction, not just to the bee but to the team physician.  You guessed it, Gabe Hollingworth, her tenant.  You're going to die laughing this particular, especially reading how uncomfortable Gage became and how she also reacted to him as well.

You will absolutely fall in love with Roxie.  The young woman her mother gave up, who was raised by her grandparents.  Who was so indebted to her "Grands" for their love and care that she gave up her teenage years and then some to take care of them both until they died.  Yes she had had one boyfriend but was completely but had no experience with men.  Her goal was to rent her home, "The Tree house" and go overseas and see the world.  However, first she had to get her home ready which meant she needed to stay in New Zealand for awhile.  With a back ground in ballet, she tried out for the rugby dance team, got a position immediately but not before getting a bee string and having a reaction.  That's how Gabe and Roxie met and the "bee string" brought me to my knees, I laughed so much.  I could just feel the tension between them.

Gabe rented "The Tree house" and with that money, Roxie would be set free to see the world, so to speak.  However, not before their lives got tangled, both professionally and personally.  They danced around each other, teased and in the end fell into each other's arms.  It became complicated, confusing and emotional.   Add this this, the only home she ever knew, "The Tree house", the place where they made love, over and over, foundation was in jeopardy.  Both Roxie and Gabe's, emotions were just like that foundation, teetering and emotions ran high when he finally had to let her go.

First  Time Lucky?  Is a romance you absolutely won't want to miss.  The characters are warm and engaging with a beautiful ending to a most "perfect" romance, thanks to Natalie Anderson.

Book Description:

She needed…sexperience!

Forced to grow up too quickly, Roxie skipped too many all-important "firsts." Now, armed with a six-point checklist, she's ready to get going—starting with the big one—losing her "V" plates! A hunky doctor, Gabe Hollingworth, has moved in next door. He's a one-night-only pro—and smoking-hot! Perhaps he could help her out…?

Only, Gabe wants to be more than just another tick on her "to-try" list! He sets Roxie a challenge he's sure she can't accept: walking away from their insane chemistry….

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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

If you're Irish, how are you going to celebrate St. Patrick's Day?  At our home, corn beef and cabbage are a hit.

I'd like to share with you my Grandma Carey's shortbread recipe.  It's been a tradition in my family since I was a little girl.

Grandma Carey's Shortbread Recipe

1 cup sugar
1 pound bntter
5 cups flour

Let butter get soft.  Add sugar work with your hands.  Gradually add flour, work with your hands.  Pat onto "oiled" cookie sheet.  Prick with fork.  Cook at 300 degrees until golden brown.  Score and sprinkle with sugar.

Here in the US, we have Saint Patrick Day Parades.  One will be held here in Seattle.  However, the largest will be held in New York City and this year, will honor our vetrans.

Stood For Freedom

by Roger Robicheau

We stood for freedom just like you
And loved the flag you cherish too

Our uniforms felt great to wear
You know the feel, and how you care

In step we marched, the cadence way
The same is true with you today

Oh how we tried to do our best
As you do now, from test to test

How young we were and proud to be
Defenders of true liberty

So many thoughts bind soldiers well
The facts may change, not how we jell

Each soldier past, and you now here
Do share what will not disappear

One thought now comes, straight from my heart
For soldiers home, who've done their part

I honored to have served with you
May Godly peace, help get you through

And now I end with a request
Do ponder this, while home at rest

America, respect our day
Each veteran, helped freedom stay
©2002 Roger J. Robicheau

So, in closing, enjoy this Riverdance and their version of the Irish tap.  Believe it or not, I used to be able to dance this in a more simplier way.  Cheers

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Mills and Boon TV - Meet some of my favorite authors!

I adore Robbie books.  Hear what she did before she became an author.

Another extrememely talented author, Melanie Milburne.

Kelly is a "fun and sexy" author.  Love her romances.

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(4) Chances to Win.....Enticed By His Forgotten Lover - Maya Banks (International)

I'm a Harlequin Ambassador and that's coming to an end as they are discontinuing the program.  However, not before offering me (4) books to giveaway to those who comment on this blog.  To win a copy, simply following this blog or Romance Author Buzz.  Come back here and comment and leave your email address so that you can be contacted to win.  Winner will be announced March 31st.

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover

“Have we met?”

Answer: a right hook! Because Bryony Morgan pulls no punches. Even when she’s very pregnant and facing down the father of her unborn child. She fell for wealthy hotelier Rafael de Luca when he courted her for her beachfront real estate. Then he disappeared. Now, she’s in New York for answers—and she won’t accept a brush-off.

But selective amnesia after a crash has Rafael puzzled. How could he ever forget a combustible beauty like Bryony? Solution: return to the island where they met, and relive the unforgettable nights in question—until he remembers everything….

Pregnancy & Passion: When irresistible tycoons face the consequences of temptation…

Meet Maya:

Maya spent time in France as an exchange student.
Maya got married in the county clerk’s office in Tennessee and then went bow hunting for her honeymoon.
Maya worked as an EMT before she realized she’d rather write about drama than experience it in real life.


Maya has hit the New York Times and USA Today bestseller list in every format and genre she's written in. Mass market, trade paperback, category romance, and digital only.

Maya’s ebook only release of Colters’ Daughter hit both the USA Today and NYT bestseller list and was the first digital only title to hit either list.

Maya's Harlequin Desires, Enticed By His Forgotten Lover (Sept 2011) and Wanted By Her Lost Love (Nov 2011) hit the NYT bestseller list.

Hidden Away, the third book in Maya's KGI Series hit #11 on the NYT mass market list as well as hitting the NYT ebook and ebook/print combined list and #43 on the USA Today as well as the Publisher's Weekly bestseller list.

Never Love a Highlander, the third book in Maya's McCabe Highlander Trilogy hit #13 on the NYT mass market list, #15 on the NYT ebook list and #19 on the combined print and ebook bestseller list. It hit #32 on the USA Today and also was on the Publishers Weekly bestseller list

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The Wayward Son (The Master Vintners) - Yvonne Lindsay

Reading The Wayward Son by the talented Yvonne Lindsay made me want to purchase the entire series.  Because line the description "tangled vines, tangled lives" doesn't even describe it.

In this particular book we learn that Charles Wilson and his ex-wife Cynthia Masters when they divorced cased their children Judd and Nicole to suffer.  Charles believed his son was a product of an affair with his then business partner.  So Judd's mother left with him, leaving her daughter with Charles.  Now Charles believes that he doesn't have much longer on this earth and so he sent his daughter best friend and daughter of his housekeeper, Anna to convince Judd to come back home.  He had a personal plan to put Judd in charge of his empire, hurting his daughter who had stepped up to the plate.  And poor Anna, she is torn because she owes Charles so much and hated not being able to tell her best friend about her mission Charles expected her to execute.;

Learning about all of this I knew in the end, someone was sincerely going to get hurt.  Anna, when Judd's mother and his Master's family found out why Anna was visiting the family vineyard.  But most of all, Nicole Wilson, who had dedicated her life to the family business and now her father was going to give it to her brother, a brother she didn't know, who left when she was a baby.  I knew it would end poorly, especially when I read about Judd's mother, Cynthia, an over bearing woman, who would squash Anna like a bug!

From their first meeting in the fields, it was obvious they were both attracted to each other  Judd, his cousins, uncles, mom were all involved in the vineyard.  In fact, their estate had been modeled after his mother's home in New Zealand and now laid in ruins thanks to a fire.  However, it was clearly a reminded of their past.  They all enjoyed eating together and invited their guests to join in and that's when Anna got a clear view of the family.  However, she wasn't sure how she was going to break the news to Judd, that after all of these years, his father wanted him to come home.  Judd's attraction for Anna was apparent, in fact he offered to take her sightseeing.  However, his mother didn't trust her and rightfully so, when she recognized Anna likeness to her mother, a woman Cynthia remembered from her stay in New Zealand.  She alerted Judd and then everything exploded in their faces.  Charles letter to Judd fell out of her purse and he read it; he was furious.

Explosive doesn't even begin to describe it all and the devastation it could and would bring to both families, especially Nicole and Anna for her part in it all.  Not to mention learning about Charles ex-business partner and the new "rival" who threatened to ruin Wilson's firm.  Such a lot of drama for both families.  As for Anna, she felt she owed Charles.  He had taken care of her and her mother and even went so far as to pay for Anna's boarding school.  However, she also hated all of the secrets; they unsettled her plus her feelings for Judd grew by leaps and bounds by the day.

Add to this powder keg, Judd believed that Anna was his father's mistress and he vowed to destroy his father's business.  However, he hated seeing his sister hurt by all of this because he knew she had worked hard to keep the business operating properly in their father's absence due to his failing health.  A few twists and turns that will have you wondering if Judd would destroy everything, what would happen to his sister and how about the Master's family, how and when would they show up in this fabulous new series?  Honestly, the outcome of  The Wayward Son was amazing to read.  I can't wait to see what happens to Anna's best friend and Judd's sister.  So, bring it on!

Yvonne's inspiration came from a visit while in Australia.  She was told about the countryside of Adelaide and the ruins of Marble Hill.  With a fellow author, Trish Morey, they brainstormed and came up with this series and this marvelous first story of The Master Vintners.

Back of the Book

Judd Wilson finally has his chance for revenge. He will dismantle his estranged father's cherished business empire and—the icing on the cake—steal the man's ravishing mistress. Certainly the sizzling attraction Judd feels for Anna Garrick will only make his vengeance sweeter.

But as fascination becomes insatiable desire, Judd begins to question his intent. He'd believed the worst of his father, and of Anna. Now, when long-buried family deceits are uncovered, Anna's fierce loyalty to his father forces Judd to rethink his plans—because destroying the man who hurt him will mean losing Anna, too.…

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His Poor Little Rich Girl - Melanie Milburne

His Poor Little Rich Girl was honest, brutal at times and brilliant written by author Melanie Milburne.

Five years earlier Alessandro Vallini, was going to ask Rachel McCulloch to marry him.  However, her father had other ideas and decided on that specific night she would be betrothed to another man. Alessandro had been the gardner on her father's estate while working his way through university.  Her father insisted she marry a childhood friend who had heavily invested in his company.  Now five years later, about to loose her company, Rachel went to Italy to beg for help from the very man she had humilated and hurt badly.

She had no where to turn but to the very man she had humilated.  He looked at her with such hatred but in the end he agreed to give her the money if she would immediately leave his villa.   In the end she agreed because she needed to save her fashion label, her friend and partner and her employees.  However, the tables were turned on both of them by a series of events.  First his housese keeper had to leave for a family emergency, Rachel found out about Alessandro's secret illness and he needed a mistress to parade in Paris for the biggest deal of his life.  So Rachel worked as his housekeeper and agreed to Paris but not before she realized she lusted after him and as the days passed on, she deeply cared for this proud sexy man.  In fact she loved him!

This was an incredibly and believeable romance, thanks to Melanie Milburne.  The twists and turns, the roadblocks, their intimacy and in the end, Rachel's pain, had me weepinmg for them both because I so wanted them to get a second chance at love.  They truly belonged together and thanks to this marvelous author, they got theirs when Alessandra realized success wasn't everything, happiness meant more.

Melanie talks about His Poor Little Rich Girl at I(Heart)Presents.

Book Description:
Sleeping rough not your thing anymore, little rich girl?"

Alessandro Vallini once made the mistake of proposing to spoiled princess Rachel McCulloch. Her rejection scored his soul. But now the tables have turned: bad-boy-made-good Alessandro now holds Rachel's future in the palm of his hand! He needs a temporary housekeeper, and she needs money—it's a perfect opportunity to taunt her with what she turned down.…

Riches-to-rags Rachel is very different from the glittering socialite Alessandro remembers. He's laid his trap—with himself as bait!—but who's catching whom in this web of desire?

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Happily Ever After Stories - March Contest - Jennie Lucas - The Girl That Love Forgot

Do you believe in happy ever after after stories?  Personally I do as I got mine.  In The Girl that Love Forgot by Jennie Lucas, Annabelle Wolfe had been beaten with a whip and scarred at the hand of her father.  He was abusive to his entire family.  Her brother's also suffered at his hand.  Yes, some of her brothers found their true loves but that didn't mean it would happen for her or would it?  This book by the talented Jennie Lucas was part of the Bad Blood/The Notorious Wolfes.  I've read the entire series which were wonderful.

Sister to seven brothers, Annabelle Wolfe should be used to men, but her trust was shattered the night her father almost killed her. Now Annabelle is a poised, polished ice-queen, whom no man has ever touched…

Stefano Cortez can tame a wild horse quicker than any man alive and this passion heats the blood in his veins. Annabelle, might appear untouchable, but he sees beneath the frost, sees the real her; a woman desperate to be brought alive again.

To win a copy of The Girl That Love Love Forgot, tell us about your personal happy ending.  Contest ends March 31st.  Don't forget to leave your email address and check back to see if you've won.  Thanks for stopping by and for your comments.

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In Bed With the Opposition (Texas Cattleman's Club) The Showdown - Kathie DeNosky

I have had the pleasure of reading Maureen Child, Robyn Grady and now with the last book of the series.....In Bed With the Opposition by Kathie DeNosky. Kathie did an extraordinary job not only with the hero Brad Price and the lovely Abby Langley writing an incredible romance with such emotion and passion

Brad now has a baby daughter. He adopted Sunnie, his dead brother's child. In the other books I've read in this series, we learned that Brad and Abby Langley are running for the presidency of the all male, with the exception of Abby, Texas Cattlemen's club. Since they were young, they had rubbed each other the wrong way. Due to her family history, she was eligible to join the club and had two goals #1 a new club house and #2 allow women to join. However, Brad was from the old guard and wanted everything to remain the same, possibly a small remodel but that was it.

Abby had been married a short time to a man they had both gone known in high school. He died shortly after their wedding. Add to that she wasn't capable of having children, something she wanted more than anything. Jack was constantly asking for her assistance in helping with Sunnie and it was obvious that there had always been chemistry and they only need to explore it. In the end they did.

What I also loved about this book was the fact that the author included the secondary characters, those who at one time had been featured in each of the series. This journey for Brad and Abby was amazing, including the results of the election and how Brad gave them their incredible happy ending. I'm sad this series is over but hopefully Harlequin Desire will continue it somehow because I've read the original series and now this one and I highly recommend both. Thanks you Kathie for a most amazing ending.

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Be Gracious in Victory

Unexpectedly becoming a father to his infant niece must have scrambled Brad Price's brain. Why else is the levelheaded ladies' man suddenly besotted with his longtime rival, Abby Langley? Being fierce opponents for the Texas Cattleman's Club presidency hasn't stopped Abby from coming to the desperate dad's aid. Now he can't stop thinking about Abby…and wanting her.

Abby finds Brad's struggles with parenthood endearing…and irresistibly sexy. And though she's sworn off entanglements, Brad's electrifying kisses weaken her resolve. It's the ultimate contest of their lives…and the only winning strategy is complete surrender.

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