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The Ex Who Hired Her - Kate Hardy

They were in university when they fell in love.  However, lack of communication, the loss of a baby, cost them both.  Now years later Jordan Smith and Xandra Bennett with two failed marriages meet up again because Xandra is interviewing for marketing position at Jordan's department store.

Kate Hardy never disappoints and this particular reunion romance was spectacular.  Jordan and Alexandra Porter as he once knew her were way too young when they fell in love, but yet they both loved each other.  What Jordan never knew was that Alexandra had become pregnant with his baby and lost it.  Jordan came from money and Alexandra never felt she would fit in.  All she wanted in life was to be loved and in the end, she married for it, only to have a controlling husband.  Jordan also married for all of the wrong reasons.  He married a childhood friend and his marriage also ended because he was a workaholic.  Now years later, they are both reunited because Alexandra is interviewing for a position at Field's Department store, Jordan's family owned business.

Reunion romances always make me think how I would react seeing an ex, especially one I had fallen in love with.  It wouldn't be a pretty sight, that's for sure.  However, Jordan and Alexandra were very professional, aloof, in fact.  In the end, Jordan gave her the job.  All of Alexandra's co-workers adored her.  Like Jordan, she worked long hours and was a workaholic.  Seeing each other on a daily basis drove them both crazy because the chemistry was still there for both of them.  In the end, when avoidance didn't work, they ended up taking meals together, talking business and yes you guessed it, there was no denying the chemistry between them.
The Ex Who Hired her was a brilliant romance.  Mixing the past with the present, learning about each other, reconciling their past mistakes, moving forward.  It was simply plain wonderful.  Plus who could resist a trip to Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world?  Conflict, bitterness, miscommunication didn't hurt this love story; it only made it more spectacular, thanks to Kate Hardy.  The Ex Who Hired Her is definitely a "keeper"!

Back Blurb:

Memo to self: when you work with your ex, keep all thoughts strictly business!

No matter how wickedly kissable those luscious lips, or how sinfully seductive those endless legs, tycoon Jordan Smith wants nothing to do with his ex-lover Alexandra Bennett.

Only Alex is his new hotshot employee! Their sizzling chemistry can't be denied, and working late nights soon drives them both crazy with need….

It's becoming impossible to resist—but with so much painful history between them, can breaking up ever lead to making up…for good?

Behind the Book from the author:
I love reunion stories. And I loved writing this one - about two people who were torn apart because what happened to them was just too much for them to cope with. (Um, I'd better warn you now; you will need tissues, because I made myself cry when I was writing this.) 
Ten years later, they meet again - completely unexpectedly - and knock each other for six. Except it takes them a while to admit it to themselves, let alone to each other!
Jordan does something amazingly romantic when he whisks Alexandra off to a place she's always wanted to see for the day (and night). Also very decadent, too, because it's Venice! (My working title for the book was "One Night in Venice".)
 I have to admit that some of this comes from my research trip to Venice. I danced through St Mark's Square with my husband to that exact same piece of music. And we went on a gondola and it was really, really romantic (who says you can't be romantic when you have kids with you? Sure you can). The bits that Alex notices about Venice - yup. My fave bits, too. And no, our room didn't have a balcony!! (Though the breakfast terrace of our hotel was right on the Grand Canal and had the best view. I just transposed it to a roof terrace for the book. 
The book is dedicated to my friend Lizzie Lamb and her parrot Jasper (whom I borrowed for the book - he did have a bigger part originally but my ed spotted him and he suffered the same fate as the reindeer) (but not as bad as the fate of the elephants: the very first words of the revision letter were "lose the elephants"!)

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