Friday, March 30, 2012

A Forbidden Affair (The Master Vintners series) Yvonne Lindsay

I have so enjoyed Yvonne Lindsay’s The Master Vintner’s series.  It’s not only about “tangled vines, it’s also about tangled lives and a ton of secrets.
In the Wayward Son we learned that Charles Wilson and his wife split up in a “brutal” divorce with Charles keeping his daughter Nicole and his ex-wife took their son to New Zealand because he believed she had an affair with his business partner.  He also sent his daughter’s best friend to find his long lost son.
In a Forbidden Affair, this is Nichole Wilson’s story and one I was so looking forward to because, Charles Wilson gave his business to his son hurting his daughter who had given her life to her company.  We also learned in the Wayward Son that Charles Wilson’s business partner died a broken man, accused falsely.  Now the man and rival of Wilson Wines is a Nate Jackson and actually the son of Charles old business partner.
 All I could think of was Nicole Wilson was so upset, would she end up Nate Jackson and working at Jackson Importers, working against her brother and father?  Go got it!  Right!  Because Nicole Wilson decided to have a night out on the town, ended hooking up with Nate, not knowing who he was, ended up at his home and then shortly thereafter, accepting a position at Jackson Importers.
Let the games begin, let feathers fly, let the families try to extract revenge as only the talented Ms.  Lindsay, pen.  I loved all of the passion, the family drama and how Nicole and Nate got their HEA.
Back of the Book
Nate Jackson finds it almost too easy to seduce his enemy's daughter. And after their white-hot weekend, he issues an ultimatum—Nicole Wilson will work for him or her family will learn of their affair.

Nicole has little choice. Yet even as she bows to her lover's demands, she sees the hope for redemption in Nate's eyes. Can his reasons be justified? And does she dare trust a man planning to destroy all she holds dear?

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