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In Bed With the Opposition (Texas Cattleman's Club) The Showdown - Kathie DeNosky

I have had the pleasure of reading Maureen Child, Robyn Grady and now with the last book of the series.....In Bed With the Opposition by Kathie DeNosky. Kathie did an extraordinary job not only with the hero Brad Price and the lovely Abby Langley writing an incredible romance with such emotion and passion

Brad now has a baby daughter. He adopted Sunnie, his dead brother's child. In the other books I've read in this series, we learned that Brad and Abby Langley are running for the presidency of the all male, with the exception of Abby, Texas Cattlemen's club. Since they were young, they had rubbed each other the wrong way. Due to her family history, she was eligible to join the club and had two goals #1 a new club house and #2 allow women to join. However, Brad was from the old guard and wanted everything to remain the same, possibly a small remodel but that was it.

Abby had been married a short time to a man they had both gone known in high school. He died shortly after their wedding. Add to that she wasn't capable of having children, something she wanted more than anything. Jack was constantly asking for her assistance in helping with Sunnie and it was obvious that there had always been chemistry and they only need to explore it. In the end they did.

What I also loved about this book was the fact that the author included the secondary characters, those who at one time had been featured in each of the series. This journey for Brad and Abby was amazing, including the results of the election and how Brad gave them their incredible happy ending. I'm sad this series is over but hopefully Harlequin Desire will continue it somehow because I've read the original series and now this one and I highly recommend both. Thanks you Kathie for a most amazing ending.

Back of the Book

Be Gracious in Victory

Unexpectedly becoming a father to his infant niece must have scrambled Brad Price's brain. Why else is the levelheaded ladies' man suddenly besotted with his longtime rival, Abby Langley? Being fierce opponents for the Texas Cattleman's Club presidency hasn't stopped Abby from coming to the desperate dad's aid. Now he can't stop thinking about Abby…and wanting her.

Abby finds Brad's struggles with parenthood endearing…and irresistibly sexy. And though she's sworn off entanglements, Brad's electrifying kisses weaken her resolve. It's the ultimate contest of their lives…and the only winning strategy is complete surrender.

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Sounds like a series you will miss now that it's over.


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