Friday, March 30, 2012

Merry Christmas, Baby (Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson)

I purchased this book because I adored Vicki Lewis Thompson Sons of Chance series.  However, what I didn’t count on was also adoring the other two authors,  Jennifer LaBrecque and Rhonda Nelson’s books as well.  In each novella, all couples fell in love within a couple of days.  Each author’s contribution was incredible.
VLT’s book was It’s Christmas, Cowboy and features one of the handsome cowboys from the Last Chance Ranch, Tucker Ramsey.  Tucker’s chasing a runaway horse on Christmas Eve and whose cabin should he come upon but an old friend from high school, Lacey Evans who he hadn’t seen in years.  Tucker was considered a “bad boy” back then and stole a kiss one night at a dance.  A kiss neither one of them had forgotten.
Lacey was nursing wounds from a broken up relationship.  As for Tucker, he just wanted to prove himself to the Chance Brother’s.  Neither one of them were too keen on Christmas but what transpired over Christmas Eve, will steal your breath away thanks to the marvelous Vicki Lewis Thompson.  The Last Chance series is one you won’t want to miss, I promise.
Jennifer LaBrecque was a new author for me to read and I loved her Northern Fantasy (Alaskan Heat Holiday Novella).  Two buddies heading for Alaska as one will be the groom and the other in the wedding party.  Jared Martin and Nick had been good friends forever.  Nick was a stockbroker in New York and looking forward to seeing and spending time in the small town of Good Riddance, Alaska.  What he also didn’t expect was to meet was a lovely aspiring actress, who wanted a career in New York by the name of Teddy Monroe. 
Teddy and Jared ended more than acquaintances; they ended up both being in the wedding party and “lusted” after each other.  They more than lusted, they fell in love and things became complicated for them both.
It was such a fun book, with great secondary characters and an interesting town in Alaska celebrating the Christmas Holidays thanks to Jennifer LaBrecque.  I’ll continue to look for Jennifer’s books and I certainly enjoyed this one.
Rhonda Nelson was also a new author for me and one from now on I’ll continue to look for her books.  Her contribution was He’ll be Home for Christmas and about a military man coming home to Florida to surprise he parents.  Of course they are on a cruise but there’s one hot interior designer naked in his parent’s hot tub.
Silas Davenport and Delphie Moreau’s romance got off to an interesting start.  From the beginning things sizzled between them from the red lacey underwear, to her lovely beauty, to prepared home cooked meals.
Silas was an honorable man and one hot soldier.  As for Delphie she was feeling “blue” thanks to her sister’s Christmas wedding with no date and relatives who would notice.  Yes, you guessed correctly, she cooks him a home cooked meal and things heat up in her kitchen and home and of course, Silas becomes her date for the wedding.
 Like the other author’s holiday romances, Rhonda did an incredible job and she is also one I look forward to reading again.
Back of the Book
Who will you find under your Christmas tree?

A cowboy?
Ranch hand Tucker Rankin isn't crazy about the holidays…until a wintry night before Christmas, when Lacey Evans shows him how much fun it is to be nestled all snug in her bed….

A wealthy New Yorker?
Stockbroker Jared Martin needs to get away, and Alaska's the perfect place to unwind. Especially once actress Theodora "Teddy" Monroe gets him to loosen his tie—and take it all off!

Or maybe even a man in uniform?
Soldier Silas Davenport is on Christmas leave. But when he arrives at his parents' home, no one is there…except for the irresistible Delphie Moreau. And she's one gift he won't be exchanging!

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