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The Forbidden Ferrara - Sarah Morgan

The Forbidden Ferrara was the American version of the Hatfield's and McCoy's feud.  In Once a Ferrara Wife we met Cristiano's younger brother Santo who was fiercely protective of his older brother.  His older brother's marriage had survived and Santo was now at the helm of the family business allowing Cristiano more time with his wife and children.  Now he had an idea to expand a sports hotel on the west coast of Sicily with only one problem.  He would need to get the permission of a family who blamed him for a family member's death, the  Baracchi's.  The head of the family hated him and so did Fia Baracchi.  Again, Sarah Morgan has outdone herself with this reunion and secret baby romance.  More conflict than one's heart can stand, I promise!

I had to smile when Santo and Fia saw each other again.  Her family owned the land next door to one of the Ferrara's beach hotel.  In fact they had a restaurant and Fia was the chef who was literally serving food to Ferrara's guests.  But was more surprising is the secret Fia had........a son, Santo Ferrara's son and she had been determined to keep it a secret.  She was also concerned due to her grandfather's ill health, he would suffer a heart attack or stroke when he saw Santo.  It had been three years since she had seen Santo and she felt defenseless and extremely vulnerable upon seeing him.  He mustn’t find out about Luca, the child a result of one night of passion.  For three generations the Ferrara's and the Baracchi's had bee feuding and it didn't help that the night she learned her brother had been killed, she turned to Santo and passion.

How would Fia tell her grandfather Santo was here and that he was the father of her son?  Or did her Nonno already know; I figured yes was the answer because he told Fia he expected Santo to do right by her.  As for Santo, coming from such an amazing and loving family, unlike the Baracchi's, he was devastated he had missed three years of his sons life.  However, there was only one solution for Santo and that was to merge both families and marry Fia.  Based on their past history, I wondered how she would survive it and how her grandfather would react?  Fia and Santo's lives had been so different.  Her mother had walked away, her father, well let's just say he had problems and then their had been the death of her brother.  The Ferrara's family was warm and loving and they had made several attempts on her brother's death to end the feud.

Marriage, how would that help anything because they didn't love each other.  The only thing in common was the love of their child.  However, marriage had somewhat smoothed over the feud.  There was still the passion and sparks between them. so I actually became hopeful they would get their HEA.  Fia was used to controlling her emotions, she relied on it but I had a sneaking feeling the sexy Santo would change everything in her life and the brilliant Sarah Morgan was so very creative with the ending, I was so emotional that I cried and cried not wanting The Forbidden Ferrara to end.  Hopefully this talented author will write their sister's story or maybe some of the Ferrara's cousins because their family was so warm and loving.

I’m thrilled that my next release, The Forbidden Ferrara, is an RT magazine Top Pick for June (4..5* yay!!) "Morgan is a magician with words and she thrillingly transports readers to picturesque Sicily, where she spins a modern day fairy tale of grudges, feuds and forbidden passion. And her love scenes should come with the warning: 'Reading may cause hot flashes’.'’ It's true - I did get a little carried away with this one...... The Forbidden Ferrara is out in the US and the UK at the end of this month and will be available for Kindle and Nook from 1st June. I’ve already talked about the hero, Santo, and this month I’m revealing more about the heroine, Fia. She’s a talented chef, so to imagine her sweating away in the kitchen of her acclaimed restaurant The Beach Shack and put myself in the mood, I cooked some of her recipes. The upside was that I was inspired. The downside? I was starving for my whole working day! I loved Fia from the moment I started writing her. She grew up in a seriously dysfunctional family and because of that she is determined to create something different for her young son. Her inspiration for her perfect family? The close knit Ferraras, whose love for each other she observed with envy from the emotional tumble of her own less than perfect life.  S. Morgan (from her website)

Back of the Book

A Ferrara should never share a bed with a Baracchi—however high the stakes!

Dark-hearted Santo Ferrara has always remembered how long-legged, hot-tempered Fia Baracchi felt in his arms—much to his frustration. Then a million-dollar business deal throws them together, and keeping his distance is no longer an option.

But Fia is living a lie. If it's ever discovered that her precious little son is Santino's heir, she'll be disowned—their families' feud is legendary! But her real fear? That she can't forget the scorching memories of her one night with the enemy—and that she still craves more.…

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