Friday, May 18, 2012

An Indecent Proposition Carol Marinelli

Zander Karagas had such a different life than his twin Nico Eliades (A Shameful Consequence ( The Secrets Xanos).  Now Nico had learned about his adoption and the family secrets, he was happily married, had a child and wanted some property that Zander owned.  Zander also suffered at the hand of his father, the twin that was left behind.  He had fought for everything he had and had grown up on the streets, unlike his twin who had grown up with wealthy parents.

For some weeks, Zander had met, over the phone, Nico's personal Charlotte.  She was trying to get the rights of his land for her boss.  He enjoyed getting to know her as she had a sharp mind.  However, when he saw her in person, he wanted her for himself.

These two twins, were as different as night and day and I wondered would they ever mend fences and become friends, they way they deserved as they had been torn away from each other at birth.  Nico had felt like an outsider and had turned his back on her adoptive parents fortune.  Where Zander had been the forgotten twin.  He wanted the best people around him and wanted his rival twins' PA, Charlotte.

In the end, Charlotte felt ashamed because she slept with Zander and he betrayed her to his brother, Nico.  He insisted she come with him; she now not only was his, but that she now worked for him.  She felt used.  In the end, she chose to continue working with Nico and was determined to be the loyal employee to him, help him secure the property he wanted on Xanos from his brother and also help him find his birth mother.

Back of the Book
Zander Kargas developed his drive to succeed first from his father's cruel fists, then from living on the streets. He's fought for everything, and few challenges remain…or so he thinks!

Charlotte is the best secretary Zander has ever had the pleasure of dealing with, and the only woman to fire his blood in a long time. But she works for his bitter rival….

Zander, assuming he can acquire her the way he does with most things, reaches for his wallet—except, Charlotte can't be bought. So Zander must entice her…beginning with a very indecent proposition!

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