Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Shameful Consequence – Carol Marinelli (The Secrets Xanos)

What a fabulous two book series (The Secrets Xanos)  They are Nico Eliades in this book and then the next book in this duo is Zander Kargas story, Nico's half brother.  The two "brothersare alike in charisma and power; separated at birth and seeking revenge"

Nico wanted answers and was determined to get them and was also determined to seek answers concerning his parentage.  Always he felt something was missing in his life.  He had business in Athens and so he went to visit his parents.  However, they were at a wedding of his father's business rival.  Nico decided to see what the wedding was about and saw the most stunning bride he'd ever seen.  Eyes locked studying each other, the bride seemed stressed and pale.   However to his surprise, Connie, the bride ended up at his hotel, upset because her new groom's secret was revealed.......he was gay.

Both Nico and Connie had issues with their parents.  Connie's father was an attorney on the island and he actually knew when he arranged his daughter's wedding, that her future husband had a secret life.  As for Nico's, he thought his parents to be snobs.  He actually didn't like them at all.  And while he was on the island of Xanos, he felt strange things.  Just hearing a crying baby or seeing a prostitute made him physically ill and he wondered why?

During the first chapter, it was revealed that Nico was a twin, separated at birth.  His mother took him away from her abusive husband and in the end, she sold her son.  The other twin was left with his father.  All I could think of was talk about explosive ending chapters when his secrets.  I also wondered what would happen to Connie because in the end, Nico proposed that they spend the night together, only one night however so that she would have her "wedding night".  Crazy?  No, it just added more to the passion of this incredible love story.  Because Nico firmly did not believe in love; in love you lost so his heart remained closed.  Holding my breath, I wondered it it only could get more complicated.  The answer is yes and you won't believe how much more.

So many secrets, chain events which spiraled out of control, you won't want to miss this amazing love story and see how Connie and Nico get their happy ending.  Plus the fact that the fabulous Carol Marinelli, in the ending chapters makes you not want to wait for Zander's story and how the two brother's go from feuding to acceptance of each other.


Back of the Book

Nico Eliades is back on the idyllic Greek island of Xanos to uncover long-buried family secrets. He can't help but notice a bride in a crumpled wedding dress sitting on the steps of his hotel.

Constantine's orchestrated marriage is over before the wedding night. A humiliated virgin bride, she longs to feel desired, and at Nico's skilled hands she experiences white-hot passion.

But their one night brings more than just shame on Constantine and her family…. Constantine has no choice but to reveal her bombshell to Nico—yet still her fingers tremble as she dials the number for Eliades Enterprises….

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