Friday, May 18, 2012

Sheikh Without a Heart - Sandra Marton

Can you even imagine with a "stuffed shirt" royal Sheikh meets the mother of his brother's son and she's dressed like some "trashy" cocktail waitress?  On top of that, he sees where she's living with his nephew and he can't believe his eyes?

Sheikh Karim al Safir, the Prince of Alcantar took his position as a royal seriously.  Unlike his brother who was now dead, who had been fun loving and reckless with his life.  Now he was faced with the task of retrieving his nephew and taking him home to Alcantar. 

I love a excellent "desert" romance and this one between and Rachel was as hot as the desert sun.  Sparks arched between them as only the fabulous Sandra Marton can pen.  I loved Sheikh Without a Heart, so much so, I stayed literally up all night reading this incredible love story, one I will long remember.

The only way to describe Rachel is that she was not only lovely, she was passionate about Ethan who was actually her nephew, the one whose parents had been her sister and his brother.  Now his brother was gone and because the baby was illegitimate, it would bring a scandal to his kingdom and would also upset his father.  Rachel had been actually raising the baby, she adored him, was protective and would agree to anything in order to keep him safe.  Actually, she had been the only mother this child had known.

There was no denying the attraction between them.  She caused Karim to feel like a school boy.  As for Rachel, she could take her eyes off of him, even though she gave him "grief" with her smart mouth.  However, it was also Karim's concern for his father and how he would react to the situation of the child's illegitimacy and also how he would react to Rachel and her so called relationship with his brother, such a dilemma for this "buttoned up" sheikh.  His brother had been reckless, owed money to everyone, left, so he thought, Rachael and the baby without any support.  Add to everything, Karim found her to be beautiful and wanted her in his bed.

Secrets like you won't believe, a chain of events from the time they arrived in Alcantar that will change three lives, Karim, Rachel's and of course Ethan's.  Top that off with Suki, Rachel's sister arriving to spill the news she was the baby's mother and Karim's father adding serious stress to all of their lives.  All if it only made this wonderful romance more than interesting, thanks to Ms. Marton.

 Sandra Marton discusses Sheikh Without A Heart over at I(Heart)Presents.

Back of the Book

Dressed only in a skimpy sequin-studded bikini is not the way Rachel Donnelly wants to meet Sheikh Karim al Safir. Especially when he is so devastatingly handsome—and fully clothed!

Karim is horrified that this is the mother of his newly discovered nephew. His raging pulse at the sight of Rachel's barely dressed body belies his reputation as the sheikh with no heart, but he'll live up to it to ensure that the heir to the throne is raised in Alcantar!

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