Friday, May 18, 2012

Undone by Her Tender Touch - Maya Banks

I immediately fell in love with Pippa Laingley as she was not only beautiful but she had spunk and fire.  She met Cameron Hollingsworth at her friend Ashley's wedding, was attracted to him and now she was faced once again meeting him at a party she was catering at her friend  Ashley's home.

Cam was more than attracted to Pippa.  However, he was definitely not into relationships nor commitment as he lost both is wife and infant son in an accident years earlier.  However, he was definitely going to get Pippa into his bed if only for one night!

Life has a way of putting up obstacles in one's life and getting Pippa pregnant after only spending the evening with her at his mansion was at the top of the list.  Cam just about lost it when he heard the news but definitely didn't want marriage nor a hurt too much.  However, he did help to set Ashley up in business, but he abruptly left her doctors appointment and it changed everything, even their "delicate" friendship.

They both struggled throughout their journey in truly getting to know each other and then Pippa saw him with his closest friend Devon when their daughter was born and the way he held her and her heart broke into pieces because he was somewhat denying his own son.  A fire at Ashley's apartment is actually what changed him but he had hurt her so much.  The only way to seek forgiveness from Pippa was to "Go Big" as his friend Rafael told him and hopefully he would win her back?

A beautifully written romance by Maya Banks one that tugged at my heart.  Why?  Because in the end, Cameron had to trust his feelings, even though it meant taking the risk to love Pippa and their unborn son.  Trusting that the same thing that happened in the past would happen to the two people he realized he loved.

Back of the Book

Just one night? Yeah, right. Pippa Laingley should have known better. When an unplanned evening of passion with Cameron Hollingsworth results in unplanned pregnancy, she's at a crossroads. She knew going in that the enigmatic entrepreneur had built a fortress around his feelings. What she's just discovered is that he's loved and lost before—wife and child. Tragically.

Now Cam stands to lose it all again. If he lets Pippa get too close. If he pushes her away with loveless arrangements of financial support. Either way, he's doomed…unless he can let himself love again.

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